Science, Technology and Innovation

The institutional structure of the Province of Santa Fe is dense and has consolidated over the years, strengthened by and recreated with the challenges posed by development in the knowledge society.

It comprises tertiary education institutions and universities that provide qualifications in various disciplines, as well as research and development institutes and centers in areas of traditional knowledge and technology frontiers, and micro, small and medium innovative enterprises that are engaged in traditional and knowledge-intensive activities.

The academic, scientific and technological activities are primarily concentrated in two cities: Santa Fe and Rosario. They extend throughout the provincial territory in a network of educational institutions, technology centers and development agencies.

Promotion Programs

Santa Fe has launched the Program for the Promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation Activities. This program is designed to provide instruments to finance specific innovation needs in order to improve the production, employment, well-being and quality of life of the residents of Santa Fe. It seeks to introduce transformations that incorporate knowledge and add value to businesses, public and private institutions, and the management of public policies. Its strategy consists of energizing the structure of the Provincial Innovation System, steadily promoting the cooperation and relating between the science and technology and productive systems and the State.

It focuses on three main areas:

Production Based on Innovation

The Program for the Strengthening of the innovation capabilities of the productive system of the Province of Santa Fe aims at strengthening the productive profile of the Province, favoring the incorporation of new knowledge, developments and innovations to improve the competitiveness of the system at the provincial and regional levels.

Appreciation of Scientific and Technological Knowledge

The Program for the Strengthening of the Capabilities of the Research and Development System aims at encouraging postgraduate education and the production of knowledge in areas of provincial interest.

Innovative State

The Program for the Strengthening of the Institutional Capabilities of the State is targeted to solve several important problems of the province which require the incorporation of scientific and technological knowledge to state management.


It is a priority for the Province, in order to have a positive participation in the knowledge society, to promote mechanisms of international cooperation that foster the inclusion of Santa Fe’s community in international networks and projects while encouraging joint scientific initiatives for the generation, distribution and democratic use of knowledge of high social impact, developments in priority areas and frontiers of knowledge.

The internationalization of the science, technology and innovation system of the Province of Santa Fe is driven by its local research and development centers and their peers located in different parts of the world.

It aims at leveraging various association systems to assist the scientific community of Santa Fe in the development of new skills and new ways of interacting, promoting the access to the strategic knowledge of specialized communities.