Santa Fe among the most transparent provinces in budget management in the country

According to an evaluation made by the CIPPEC, the province obtained 9.30 out of 10 because of the frequency of publication and the detail of its fiscal activity.

Ejes de Gestión Santa Fe among the most transparent provinces in budget management in the country.

Viernes 13 de enero de 2017 The Center for Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth (CIPPEC) rated Santa Fe with 9.30 points out of 10, for the frequency with which publishes clear and detailed information about its fiscal activity. The podium is formed by Cordoba, Entre Rios, Santa Fe and the city of Buenos Aires.

According to the CIPPEC, a well-known NGO dedicated to studies on public policies, Santa Fe moved forward seven positions with relationship to the situation it was in

2015, improving more than 40% its scores after publishing information with less than three months of backwardness, highlighting the publication of the budget project 2017. La Rioja and Tierra del Fuego evolved in the same scale.

"It is highly rewarding as a province to receive this valuation, since it shows the way we have been working, which points to transparent accounts and clearly indicates the financial administration of the provincial state", said Gonzalo Saglione, Provincial Minister of Economy.

Provincial Budgetary Transparency Index prepared by CIPPEC has assessed the existence of clear, accessible and detailed public information about the fiscal activity, past, current and projected in the 24 provincial jurisdictions in Argentina since 2010. Also controls availability, thoroughness and frequency of the publication of the budgetary and fiscal information.

According to the report, in the survey that was developed during November 2016, it was checked the provincial governments official websites with a special focus on "the publication of the budget laws of the past three years, applicable law and project or budget bill for next year, the publication of the multiannual budget, the existence of reports on implementation of expenditure , and their level of disaggregation and updating, publication of reports of public debt, tax, transfers received from nation and sent to municipalities, with their respective levels of detail and updating.  It is also verified the availability of the provincial main fiscal and budgetary regulations, the elaboration of a citizen’s budget and the publication of the investment of the previous year”.