Santa Fe and Chile exchange experiences on renewable energy and energy efficiency

The activity was organized by the Secretariats of State for Energy and International Relations and Integration of the province, together with the Consulate of Chile in Rosario.

Santa Fe and Chile exchange experiences on renewable energy and energy efficiency

The Secretary of State for Energy, Verónica Geese, headed the technology transfer seminars between the Republic of Chile and the Province of Santa Fe on renewable energy and energy efficiency programs and policies.

During the seminar held at the Multipurpose Room in the seat of Government in Rosario, Chilean experts brought their experiences and answered queries from the more than 100 enrolled participants in the event organized by the Secretary of State for Energy and the Secretary of International Relations of the Province of Santa Fe together with the Consulate of Chile in Rosario.

In this regard, Geese said: “The importance of this visit is to see how this country has advanced on these issues and show that each one is generating renewable energies in their own way because there is no single recipe. We don't have to concentrate on replicating old recipes or already used because each country is unique and Santa Fe is a very extensive province with very different regions".

"Listen to their experience and especially from South American countries with whom we share values, historical issues, climates and regions, is much more valuable than looking at what has been done by those who have different life histories," said the official.

Meanwhile, the executive director of the Chilean Agency for Energetic Efficiency, Diego Lizana Rojas, said: “In the technology transfer we discussed what we are doing, so Santa Fe can consider it and incorporate it into their own work plans as they believe it convenient, sharing our successes and our failures. For this reason, the experiences that can be incorporated here will have success variables larger than those we have had in Chile."

The expert highlighted: "We have been working on renewable energy and efficiency energy more forcefully in the past 10 years," and explained: "In renewable energies we have an installed capacity of over 1500 MW which, if we add them to the installed large-scale hydropower capacity, we have a matrix of over 50% of renewable energy."

In terms of energy efficiency policies, Lizana Rojas explained that in his country they are working on energy management systems in the public and private sectors, to understand that energy efficiency is much-needed even prior to consider what kind of energy will be used.

"Energy efficiency is going to be one of the main allies of the industry, public offices and homes will be the places where people will start being more careful about energy consuming because there is a disincentive that is the value of the energy," added the professional.

In addition, he said: "This will involve the use of more efficient technologies at homes or the drive systems in any industry. That will lead to savings in the actual consumption of energy and, by multiplying it by the real cost of energy, it will mean that energy efficiency is a full ally of productivity and sustainability."

Similarly, officials and technical personnel from the Secretariat of State of Energy gathered, at the seat of the House of Government in Rosario, with Chilean experts in the context of the Transfer of Technology Seminar between the Republic of Chile and the Province of Santa Fe.

During the meeting, provincial officials could learn about the experiences in the neighboring country. On the occasion, the responsible for the Information Management Unit of the Renewable Energy Division of the Ministry of Energy of Chile, Camila Vásquez; the executive director of the Chilean Agency for Energy Efficiency, Diego Lizana Rojas; and the Director of the same agency, Alexandra Muñoz, exposed on programs and public policies for the promotion of renewable energy and the implementation of strategies in order to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency.

On their part, engineers from the energetic area of the province offered details about the projects currently being implemented for the use of solar, wind and biomass resources among others.

Also attended the seminar: the Secretariat of International Relations and Integration, María Julia Reyna; the Consul of Chile in Rosario, Marcelo Flores Arriaga; the Undersecretary of Renewable Energy of the province of Santa Fe, Maximiliano Neri; the Undersecretary for Gas and Conventional Energies, José Luis Parrino; and the President of Enerfe, Mauricio Colombo.


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