Minister Farías receives the Swiss ambassador

The Swiss ambassador to Argentina, Hanspeter Mock, has visited the city of Santa Fe and has been greeted by the Minister of Government and Reform of State, Pablo Farías.

Minister Farías receives the Swiss ambassador

This Thursday, the Minister of Government and Reform of the state, Pablo Farías, received in the city of Santa Fe the protocol visit of the Swiss Ambassador to Argentina, Hanspeter Mock. The meeting was also attended by the president of DAIA Santa Fe, Horacio Roitman.

This year, the European country chairs the International Holocaust Memory Alliance (IHRA), of which Argentina is the only Latin American member. In this context, the Embassy of reference presents in the Hall of the House of Government a traveling exhibition with panels and photographs explaining the role of the former Swiss ambassador in Hungary, Carl Lutz (1895-1995), in the Second World War.

"For several days we have the privilege of presenting this itinerant exhibition of the legacy to humanity that Carl Lutz has given, in particular to the Jewish community, but mainly because of his sensibility, his work and his bravery in one of the most difficult times for humanity, " said Farías.

The minister highlighted "the honour of being visited by the Ambassador of Switzerland in Argentina, a country that has a very fluid relationship; there are bonds of brotherhood between the European country and the province of Santa Fe which is one with the largest Swiss immigration in Argentina."

On his part, the Ambassador stated: "I am very impressed and grateful to the government of the province for accepting displaying this exhibition dedicated to the Swiss diplomat who was distinguished during the Second World War."

Hanspeter Mock summed up that Lutz "was a Swiss diplomat who was sent to Hungary, specifically to Budapest, during the Second World War, at a time when Switzerland, a neutral country, represented the interests of several warring countries. Lutz went with the mission of engaging the interests of several countries, including those of citizens and people authorized to migrate".

"That's when, exceeding his mandate, he reacted before the tragedy that was being witnessed, a system of conducts for 62000 people, which represented half of the total Hungarian Jews who were saved," he added, and so he was recognized as "Righteous among the Nations ", title bestowed on behalf of the state of Israel by the memorial of Yad Vashem.

"I must admit that he did not receive recognition from the Swiss Government immediately, on the contrary, they reprimanded him for having exceeded, since he had no right to issue so many conducts. He did it for reasons of humanity and that is precisely what Yad Vashem recognized and what makes Lutz one of the great figures that stood out in the Second World War".


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