Santa Fe participates in the General Meeting of the Sub-National States against climate change in Bonn

After signing the incorporation to the Under2 Coalition, the province was invited to participate in the COP23 that takes place in Germany.

Santa Fe participates in the General Meeting of the Sub-National States against climate change in Bonn

In the context of the COP23 (23rd Conference of the Parties, which refers to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change 2017) which takes place in the German city of Bonn, provincial authorities participated in the General meeting of the States Sub-nationals against climate change.

The invitation to this meeting was given after the signing of the memorandum to incorporate the province of Santa Fe in the Under2 Coalition, on October 31 in California, United States.

This general meeting analyzed the priority items to work in the coalition with the aim of achieving impact results in the reduction of pollutant emissions.

The provincial Undersecretary of Renewable Energies, Maximiliano Neri, proposed working on the most harmful contaminants for health, as it must be understood that emissions that cause global warming also seriously affect human health, mainly in urban areas.

Likewise, in defining the growth policies for this coalition, Santa Fe proposed to summon the rest of the Argentinean provinces to be part of this agreement. Some of the initiatives would include increased cutting with biofuel in public transport and captive fleets.

The meeting, which took place at the Hilton Hotel in Bonn, welcomed the province as a new member of the UNDER2 Coalition. The plenary was chaired by the Governor of the state of California, Jerry Brown, who heads this organism.

On Monday, Neri participated in a new meeting in which, along with specialists from the Coalition, Santa Fee first draft was analyzed with the proposals to fulfill the objectives of the memorandum. This document lists the actions that the provincial government will implement to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for 2050.

In 2015 in Paris, the international community pledged to reduce global warming below 2° Celsius. At this new summit in Bonn, which was held during two weeks, more than 200 governments discussed a set of rules by means of which this goal can be achieved.


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