Santa Fe in Finland: Balagué generates new links to expand teaching projects

In Abo Akademi, in the city of Vaasa, the Minister of Education of Santa Fe presents the methodology of Interdisciplinary Content Nuclei applied in provincial schools.

Santa Fe in Finland: Balagué generates new links to expand teaching projects

The agenda of the third day of mission of the delegation of the Ministry of Education from Santa Fe in Finland focused on the work on interdisciplinary teaching, i.e. projects in which the knowledge and methodologies from different subjects are applied. This is a modality that Santa Fe has implemented through the Interdisciplinary Content Nuclei (NIC), since 2000 in primary and secondary schools in Santa Fe.

"We want to deepen this teaching methodology that we started to implement with teacher training in our schools two years ago, because we know that is the best way to learn for children, concentrating their exploration in specific situations and that allow them to interpret, recognize and build knowledge in all the subjects and in an integrated way," explained Balagué.

"Finland is recognized for this teaching methodology. Among the objectives of our mission, we set out to share experiences with educational institutions, researchers and specialists, to improve our own experience, she added.

In Abo Akademi, researcher Michael Uljens, explained from a historical aspect the qualitative leap that Finland gave in relation to the quality of the learning, and valued the work that develops the province of Santa Fe, considering the experience of teaching by project.

"I think that regional experiences, such as that of Santa Fe, can be an example for the development of policies at the national level," said Uljens, "We have evidence of similar experiences, from regions with a much smaller number of schools, which achieved real improvements in learning, and we can strengthen the Santa Fe experience through our investigations of other cases, as well as Schools of Santa Fe," he concluded.

At the meeting, the Director of Curricular Development and Academic Relations of Santa Fe, Silvia Morelli, presented the theoretical guidelines that set the outlines to this provincial educational policy for educational quality, and developed the progress of the research of impact that takes place in a sample of 36 schools that apply the NIC model.

Australian and Danish researchers also participated in the study of the topic in Abo Akademi, a Swedish university based in Finland.

The visit of the Minister of Education to Finland was financed by the Federal Investment Council (CFI), and it already concretized the evaluation of the mastery carried out by the province with 60 principals of primary and secondary schools, in the context of an agreement of Cooperation with the University of Tampere, ended in October. The agenda continues in Helsinki, where the minister will meet with authorities of this prestigious university, the largest in the country.


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