The Province and UN experts addressed the situation of Afro-descendants living in Santa Fe

Authorities of the Secretary of Human Rights and the International organization advanced in cooperation and exchange of information on African population living in Santa Fe.

The Province and UN experts addressed the situation of Afro-descendants living in Santa Fe

The management team of the province's Human Rights secretariat received a group of experts from the United Nations Organization (UN) with the objective of exchanging data on the Afro-descendant community in Santa Fe.

The objective is to make cooperation agreements and to exchange information about the population situation, the demand in access to public policies of the community and problems such as racial discrimination.

In the opportunity, it was established to carry out actions aimed at:

Improving the human rights situation of Afro-descendants by paying special attention to their needs, inter alia, through the preparation of specific courses of action.

Designing special projects, in collaboration with African descendants, to support their initiatives at community level and to facilitate the exchange of information and technical knowledge among these populations and experts in these areas.

Establishing links with the financial, institutional and operational programmes, and specialized agencies of the United Nations to contribute with development programmes for Afro-descendants through the allocation of additional investments to electricity, water and environmental control measures and the promotion of equal employment opportunities, as well as other positive actions and strategies in the context of human rights.

The meeting was held at the House of Government and was attended by officials in charge of the implementation of security, health, education, housing and employment policies. The aim was to achieve close collaboration with other institutions and state agencies, in order to improve the human rights of the Afro-descendant community.

There were also representatives of the Ombudsman of Santa Fe and the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Prison Service and the Legislative and Judicial powers.

According to UN Human Rights Council Resolution 9/14, a group of experts from the aforementioned body gathers, studies and provides information on issues related to the well-being of Africans and Afro-descendants who reside in different countries, these include Argentina, as contained in the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action.


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