The International Labour Organization presents the Offside program in Santa Fe

The initiative to eradicate child labour in the rural sector has been presented at the House of Government.

The International Labour Organization presents the Offside program in Santa Fe

The International Labour Organization (ILO) launched the Offside program, an initiative that seeks to end child labour in the Argentine rural sector. The presentation was presented by the Ministers of Government and Reform of the State, Pablo Farías; and Labour and Social Security, Julio Genesini, and the director of ILO Argentina, Pedro Furtado de Oliveira.

During the activity, held at the House of Government, Farías emphasized, "The program has an ingenious name as football is deep-rooted in our culture, it helps us to convey what is the limit that should not be crossed neither at work nor with children."

"To run to form, Santa Fe continues to renew its commitment to decent work. This is a province characterized by production, by work, by the creativity of its entrepreneurs and that is why we have to continue working to generate decent work", concluded the Minister of Government and Reform of State.

On his part, Gampiero said, "Santa Fe has a strong relationship with the ILO, from two memorandum of understanding and our Decent Work Agenda which includes the prevention and eradication of child labour as a priority. We believe that this complementarity, which aims to train for the approach to the problem, is a very important instance to continue working."

The program developed by the ILO seeks to improve the capacity of the actors in working and agricultural environments to address child labour in agricultural areas in Argentina.

"The ILO and the province of Santa Fe have a strong joint commitment to make progress in the prevention and eradication of child labour. With this project, we want to articulate and consolidate the framework that the province has generated around this issue", assessed Oliveira Furtado.

"The name of the program generates a process of awareness about the tenuous line between what are the activities of the children or household chores, and what is child labour. Therefore, the title of the program, marks the field and helps kids to incorporate into family or social processes, and the limit that means exploitation of child labour", he concluded.


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