The province receives experts in cheese production from France and the United States

The meeting was at the headquarters of the productive portfolio in the city of Santa Fe. The objective is to professionalize the sector, to advance in the denomination of origin, and to exchange training.

The province receives experts in cheese production from France and the United States

The Secretary of Dairy, Pedro Morini, led a meeting on different branches of cheese production in which experts from France and the United States participated, together with members of educational institutions from the province.

The workshop, held in the yellow hall of the productive portfolio, was attended by Roland Perrin, from the professional services company ECTI-TEMIS Innovation, Nicolás Enjalbert, researcher at Air Quality Process, from France; and Beatriz Villalba, researcher at Lyoferm Inc, from the United States. The specialists shared their knowledge during the meeting that finished at midday and included the tasting of Santa Fe cheeses.

During the meeting, the criteria of an agreement for the exchange of students, researchers, and dairy businessmen with these countries were established, with the aim of achieving the professionalization of the sector.

In this regard, Morini said, "It is a very important day for us, because our secretariat has a strong interest in the transfer of knowledge, so we convene universities and agrotechnical schools linked to the dairy sector. "

Roland Perrín indicated, "The diversification of cheeses is an interesting path that requires a very important formation, and the possibility of exchange with farm workers also serves to learn the types of production organization".

On his part, Villalba said, "the project is very interesting because it will help the economic development of a region recognized worldwide as milk and cheese producer."

About the topics proposed during the meeting, Morini pointed out, "We also want to think about the added value and cheese production with a designation of origin, with the guidance of a consortium that we want to create in the province, to achieve high value-added products and differentiate us."

From the Secretariat, and through the consortium, it is intended to create a common Santa Fe strategy that has the possibility of containing and promoting the various regional cheeses made from quality protocols.

The meeting was also attended by the Small and Medium-Sized Dairy Industries Association, and representatives of INTI Dairy Division, by students from secondary schools of Ataliva, Santo Domingo, Esperanza and Sa Pereira, the Institute of Teaching in Dairy Industries of Humberto Primo, and of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral.

The experts visit continued in the city of Sunchales, where they were received by representatives of the Santa Fe Global Agancy, and held a meeting with industrial producers.


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