Child Care Centres were highlighted by the ILO

They were selected among the five best practices in child labour prevention and eradication in Latin America. The results of the experience will be presented at the Fourth World Conference on the Eradication of Child labour.

Child Care Centres were highlighted by the ILO

The provincial Child Care Centres (CCC) were selected by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as one of the five best practices in Latin America and the Caribbean in the area of prevention and eradication of child labour.

In this context, the province of Santa Fe presented the results of the public policies implemented from the opening of these centres at the Fourth World Conference on sustained eradication of child labour, which took place in the city of Buenos Aires.

In addition, the provincial initiative will be exposed along with similar experiences carried forward in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama.

They work in the context of the program "Labour is not a question of children" that, since 2011, has been implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Province of Santa Fe.

These spaces aim to prevent and eradicate domestic or dangerous child labour and the worst forms of adolescent work in urban and rural areas.

Currently, more than 30 CCC are operating in 25 locations in the province, housing more than 2000 children aged 0 to 4.

In rural areas, the opening of CCC is directly linked to the times of intensive production. In this period, each center operates in schedules that respond to the needs of the target families.

The centers located in the urban area house the children of people who perform different jobs throughout the year.

The work done in CCC is provided by multidisciplinary teams of social workers and caregiver mothers.

The opening of these spaces aims to enable school-age children to sustain their schooling, interfered in many cases by the need to be in the care of their younger siblings during their parents' workdays.

The CCC allows parents to work with the peace of mind that their youngest children are in a safe place, with the necessary care to ensure proper feeding, recreation and stimulation according to their age.

Child Care Centers operate in Coronda and at Desvio Arijón (strawberry production); in Santa Rosa de Calchines and Helvecia (carrots production); in Colonia Durán (sweet potato production); in San Antonio de Obligado  and Tacuarendí (cotton and sugar cane harvest); in San Martín de las Escobas and Humberto Primo (work in private houses and dairy activity); in Arroyo Seco, Angel Gallardo and Arroyo Aguiar (horticultural and brick production).

In Sauce Viejo, Romang, Puerto Gaboto, Avellaneda, Alcorta, Elortondo, Correa, La Sarita and Santa Isabel the CCC receive children from workers who perform urban tasks.

In the cities of Reconquista and San Javier, the CCC receive children from families who carry out waste collection and marketing tasks. With the same objective, the opening of two new centers in the city of Santa Fe is envisaged.

In San Cristóbal and Tostado, they are destined to allow parents to be able to complete their studies.


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