Lifschitz leads a successful mission with companies from Santa Fe in Chile

"We have come here to look for alternatives that will allow us to give entrepreneurs from Santa Fe options to find new markets," said the Governor, who travelled together with 25 companies from the province. Meetings and business rounds are developed.

La provincia Lifschitz leads a successful mission with companies from Santa Fe in Chile.

Martes 15 de noviembre de 2016

The Governor of Santa Fe, Miguel Lifschitz, led a commercial and institutional mission to Santiago de Chile, with the aim of strengthening economic and commercial bonds between Santa Fe and Trans-Andean country to seek productive linkages and new business opportunities.

Throughout the day, an important agenda that included rounds of business, visits to companies, and meetings with the Minister of Agriculture of Chile, Carlos Furche, and the Sociedad de Fomento Fabril (Sofofa), a trade association of companies, and associations of the Chilean industrial sector were developed. They also held a meeting at the Casa de la Moneda with Vice President of Chile, Mario Fernández, in charge of the Presidency of the Andean country, as President Michelle Bachelet was abroad.

"It was an institutional and commercial mission, with entrepreneurs, jointly organized with the Embassy of Argentina in Chile, with the aim of strengthening commercial relations, and find trade routes to third countries", said Lifschitz.

"It was a very successful mission, with a tight schedule of meetings with high-level government officials and the most important chamber of the country", described the Governor and added: "We have come here to seek alternatives that will allow us to give the Santa Fe businessmen opportunities to find new markets. All of them have been important meetings, which strengthen our relationship with Chile, and we have the certainty and conviction that we are right on target."

During the meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Chile, Carlos Furche, “It was agreed the creation of a task force to develop a proposal related to Santa Fe, to submit the coming bi-national meeting scheduled for December 16", anticipated Lifschitz.

In meeting with Sofofa, the Governor gave the hosts details of Santa Fe, and its geographical and productive characteristics. "It's a strong province, with many opportunities for the development of investments, and a great potential to trade with other country. We see a great opportunity in the integration of Argentina and Chile," said Lifschitz.

Governor Lifschitz, was received at the Casa de la Moneda by the Vice President in charge of the Presidency of Chile, Mario Fernández, with whom he discussed bilateral relations and regional integration. "It was an honor that he could receive us and be able to talk about what Santa Fe can trade with Chile", said the governor and he assessed, "The relationship between both countries and particularly the view that the neighboring country has of Santa Fe". The Mayor of Rosario, Mónica Fein, the Production Minister Luis Contigiani, the Argentine Ambassador in Chile, José Bordón, and the Chilean Ambassador to Argentina, Jose Antonio Viera Gallo also participated in the meeting. Previously, the delegation held a meeting with Chilean Deputy Foreign Minister, Edgardo Rivero Martín.

Before the end of the day, the Argentine Ambassador in Santiago honored the Santa Fe delegation at the diplomatic headquarters. The Governor Lifschitz thanked Bordón for the accompaniment throughout the day and the laudatory words for the province in the various meetings held. Also, Lifschitz stressed the close relationship that keeps with the Chilean Ambassador to Argentina, Jose Antonio Viera Gallo, and also thanked his predisposition and permanent collaboration for the organization of the mission.

The trip logistics and planning was made by the Secretary of international Relations of the Ministry of Government and Reform of the State, and the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of production, jointly with the Embassy of Chile in Argentina and the Embassy of Argentina in Chile.

Twenty-five provincial institutions and companies accompanied the Governor, also Mayor Fein; Minister Contigiani; the provincial Deputy, Clara García; the Secretariat of International Affairs and Integration, María Julia Reyna; the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade, Carlos Braga; the Director of Santa Fe Agency for Investments and International Trade "Santa Fe Global", Débora Marini, among others.

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